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A successful story

A little about us

“CEL was born out of a great ideal and a great passion for education. From a passion that predates my own story. History of Antônia Vargas Cuquejo, the grandmother of CEL. The great grandmother who, in addition to educating, brought dreams by telling stories. Antônia Vargas Cuquejo, founder of CEL, helped to make dreams come true.”

The history of CEL is also linked to the life story of Antônio Fernandes Cuquejo, our dear founder.

Speaking of the CEL is to speak of the red kite. The kite is the symbol of the CEL.

It is red because it represents action, struggle, courage, dynamism, blood, warrior, strength, faith and love.

“When I idealized the kite as a symbol for CEL, I was thinking about education. The kite longs for great flights, for freedom… However, as it is made of very delicate material, it cannot be exposed without care. The kite must be protected from the gales of life. It needs to be collected in the face of great dangers.”

“At fourteen, full of dreams, I started working at a small school. Fed the dreams, I fell in love. It then became impossible to free myself from this passion for education.”

Increasingly believing, I followed. I continued…

Then, CEL was born. It was born more than four decades ago. It was born in a house in Jardim Botânico. We were, then, a small constellation. A constellation of only thirteen stars, but with a very strong mark. A determined brand with an upward direction.

It is because we believe in CEL so much …

It’s because we take care of CEL so much …

I am sure that in a few years, we will look at the sky and, with the naked eye, we will be able to see a new constellation – The Kite.

The stars are you, teachers and students who helped to build CEL. Thank you for everything.”

Eliete Baptista Lopes

School founder

Our Mission

Our Purpose 

Providing a global education of excellence, guided by human values, helping to form upstanding citizens capable of realizing their potential.


Our Vision

Our Dream

Being recognized as a school of excellence in teaching quality, character education and individualized treatment.


Our Values

How We Are


Receiving each student, family, colleague and collaborator with love and care with individualized treatment and with genuine interest in the well-being, security, development and happiness of all.



Performing well what is expected of the work, within the expectations and stipulated deadline, with satisfaction of all involved.



Complying with what you set out to do, or said you would do. Citizenship. Social and environmental responsibility.



Generating new ideas and relevant solutions. Creating something new. Innovating.



Perceiving, understanding and accepting different opinions or situations.



ALWAYS doing what is right, even if no one is looking.



Solidarity is a genuine concern for the needs of others and those who need help.


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